Sunday, September 16, 2012

QM running exercises

Running in QM consists in using one of the previously described modes at variable running paces and modes, as in bipedal running. Depending on circumstances, one's training level and the exercise difficulty, a given mode of progression might be more or less adequate, thus a preferred mode is not always specified in the exercises. Training is performed in the frontal posture, which can be used to attain significant speed and can be sustained for some time. Some exercises can be performed with the back or the side to the ground over short distances, but it does not constitute proper running.
Exercises are as follows:
  1. Study of the following running modes: trot in simultaneous diagonal, trot in simultaneous same side, galop.
  2. Study of the hopping mode of running.
  3. Smooth transition between the different running modes. Inversely, sudden transitions from one to another.
  4. Special work of paces: slow, medium, fast with the different modes. Transitions smooth or sudden between paces.
  5. Racing in straight line.
  6. Race with sudden stop and go.
  7. Race with alternating backward and forward bursts.
  8. Race with a U-turn. The turn is done by stopping the anterior limbs and hopping with the hands or feet as pivot.
  9. Race with a full turn or two successive U-turns.
  10. Race with a sudden turn right or left.
  11. Race sideways like a crab, right or left, moving the limbs either by bringing them together or by crossing them.
  12. Race with curves and eight patterns.
  13. Race with a stop into one of the quadrupedal postures: squatting, kneeling, sitting, lying down front or back, etc.
  14. Race with long or high jumps.
  15. Race on three limbs, keping one hand or one foot always off the ground.
  16. Race with one arm and one leg, by little hops.
  17. Race in low posture, with arms and legs fully flexed.
  18. Race with unsynchronized limbs.
  19. Race on straight slopes up or down.
  20. Race on stairs up or down.

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